The Cheviot Hills, from which this breed of sheep gets its name, form the border line between England and Scotland. The Cheviot Sheep Society was formed in 1890 and is one of the oldest sheep societies in existence.

Cheviot Sheep Features


Southies Pay Off at Sundhope

Ensuring sufficient returns to make ends meet on any hill farm is never easy, but you can sleep easier at night when you rely on a breed of sheep that commands a premium in market place whether selling store, prime or breeding stock. [more]


Potholm South Country Cheviots

Few breeds have improved more in the past decade in terms of size and scale than the South Country Cheviot, bolstering profit margins for commercial and pedigree hill farmers alike whilst also enabling the breed to compete readily with other whitefaced sheep. [more]


Crossdykes South Country Cheviots

Alan and Billy Common farm the 1,600 acre hill farm and Billy and his wife Kirsty’s sons Murray, four, and Innes, two, are the eighth generation of the family to live at Crossdykes in more than 200 years. [more]


Hindhope South Country Cheviots

Traditional South Country Cheviot sheep have been the backbone of the enterprise at Hindhope, Jedburgh for the Elliot family which have farmed there for two centuries. [more]


Goldfingered Goodfellow

South Country Cheviot sheep breeders have only two chances left to secure ‘Goodfellow’ Glengeith genetics, as the current South Country Cheviot breed record holder, Billy Goodfellow, retires in November 2010. [more]


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